Thursday, October 14, 2010


Yesterday we focused on Vinyasa yoga which is a very flow centered yoga style. You move between poses with your breath and it is fantastic! You feel like you are really incorporating the breathing with your movement and for me, it helps my poses if we are constantly flowing from one to the next. I have found when I hold a yoga pose for awhile, I end up losing my posture and form and just concentrating on keeping my balance. With vinyasa yoga there is no time to worry about your balance because you are totally focused on your form and breathing. I think that if I continue with yoga, (which I will) Vinyasa will be my form of choice.
In other news, I am pretty sure I broke my right ass cheek yesterday. I got a cramp in my right leg during practice and now for some reason my butt hurts. You try explaining to people why you are hobbling around, they look at you funny when you say my ass is sore. Trust me. I know.

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