Monday, June 7, 2010


I have always just floated by; never really challenging myself because when something gets too hard for me I usually give up or find something else to do. I have a tendency to do what comes easiest to me and say fuck everything else. It's a character flaw and I know it, I have been working really hard to realize when I am doing it and change. The other day I was thinking that I have held myself back for too long with this behavior and it is time for a challenge.

The Challenge: I am the awkward girl with 2 left feet. I have next to no sense of rhythm and I am pretty clumsy on my best day. But I LOVE dancing, I suck, but I love it. I am going to sign up for a dance class next semester. I have yet to decide which type of dance to do but Turkish/Egyptian dance looks like the most fun.

My Goal: To go to class every day and put everything I've got into it, no matter how hard it is. Actually FINISH the semester.

I am going to come home from class and write about it and what I am learning, maybe even post a video if it is not too embarrassing. ;)