Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hmmm says I

So, my day was relaxing(ish) for lack of a better and more original word. I began my day in my typical joyous manner a.k.a laboriously crawled my way to Starbucks and mumbled for my iced quad grande soy latte. NOW! Went to lunch with my father and had very mature and honest conversation. Which with my liberal views and the penchant for crass humor and his very strict conservative religious beliefs it is a difficult feat to accomplish. We had fun joking about the ridiculous parents in the restaurant who were letting their spawn run about like demented deamons, which, by the way, I am far from convinced they are not. We talked about ourselves, school, work and family, a real heart to heart. It's intersting to see pieces of your own personality in members of your family that you previously thought you were nothing like.
In other news, my new book came via amazon today so after sucking down copious amounts of espresso with as much gusto as can be imagined I sat down to read. Anyone who knows me and my reading habits knows this was a bad call on my part. When I read a book, I don't put it down again until it is finished or the house is on fire and has burned said book from my blackening fingers. So out I was, sitting under an aspen tree communing with nature while immersed in a truly enjoyable mystery novel and chain smoking. What was forgotten however was the sun glaring down upon my pale ass Irish shoulders and head. Needless to say by the time I finished said book (about an hour ago) I have begun to take the semblance of a lobster. Ouchie...Bad Jenn.

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