Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So yesterday was my day off wheeee! I went down to Sedona with friends and had a blast! (not the Sonic kind) The drive is one of the prettiest drives I have ever been on and I have driven through quite a bit of country. The weather was perfect, the music was joy to my ears and the company second to none. We arrived at the little spot the frat boys and sorosti-tots haven't discovered yet and began the hike. By hike, I mean a crude form of scrambling, shimmying down a canyon over boulders and avoiding cactus. It was brilliant. Granted I was cursing Carolina the whole way down because she said the hike was easy. She has to lie to me to get me outdoors on my days off work because my idea of a good day off work includes me, beer, the computer and Journey playing all day. Carolina is right though, when I go hiking I am a happier Jenn, just a mite more pain ridden than I would have been otherwise. We finally made it to the bottom of the canyon and gravitate towards Oak Creek like moths to a bug zapper. Stripping down to the bikini and shorts I typically don when sploshing and splashing about we climbed in. The water was great, it was still a bit cold but hell it's running down from my mountain's snowy peaks, yeah it may be a bit frosty. After sunning for a bit and feeling super confident in my scarred and thoroughly unique beautiful self I went down the creek. The fun way. It's like a roller coaster that can drown you and who doesn't love that? Yesterday was the most relaxing to the point of mush day I have had in such a long time. Everyone needs that. If anyone else wants to go next time let me know and we will make a day of it. I'll bring the beer!