Saturday, May 16, 2009


So, My little brother is back in town for my Dad's 50th. He is currently residing on my couch due to the complete lack of space that my home entails. As much as I love my family being together for this, I am painfully reminded every time he comes home that I am most definitely not the favorite child. Under normal circumstances this is an OK gig for me, I am the rebel, the black sheep, the heathen. I am the only member of my family that does not subscribe to "Christians-R-US" or whatever those people read. (the Bible maybe?) Anyways, I am also the only democrat in a family of rush limbaugh loving, deer head hanging, G.W. humping, gun toting republicans. wheee. It is a typical joke in my family to refer to their oldest child as "the hippy" or "our token democrat". (This is a reference to me by the way.)
My brother on the other hand, is in the Navy, the best shot in his command, drives a gas guzzling Jeep, goes to church on the weekend, doesn't smoke or drink and married a girl before moving in with her. The worst bit about the whole damn thing is that I love my brother. I wish I could hate him for being so goddamn perfect but I can't. He is a sweet, caring and beautiful person. Shit.
Tomorrow is the day, maybe things will be better.
I miss Sam.

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