Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Stephanie always says in class that your body is diffrent everyday and to accept the differences as they are and work with them. Never has that been more apparent to me than today. All of my muscles felt tight and unyielding, some were sore and altogether just pissed off at me. I was having trouble with many of the basic poses that we do every class and it was taking most of my concentration to stop thinking negatively about myself. When we began to do crow position or Bakasana,-> I was excited because I have usually been able to do this position and hold it for at least a few seconds. I totally biffed it. Not that I am embarrassed about it, I was just so disappointed with myself for not being able to do the one pose I know my body KNOWS how to do. It was really hard to stay positive after that today. Bummers. I wish my body would just be flexible all the time, is that too much to ask?! More yoga is required.

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