Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day off

The rather pathetic thing is that without work I get listless and restless. (Yep at the same time) I enjoy my job and all of the crazies that go along with it, work makes my life interesting. I practically live at my job so this blog will probably include multiple stories of insane caffeine addicted persons, screaming children I kicked in the road mentally as well as my usual banter. I am convinced that I will acquire lung cancer soon from the plethora of waste and foul substances that are spewed from the bowels of humanity and haphazardly land around-ish my trash cans.

I have a question for all parents of small children; why can’t you throw your child’s pea green toxic diaper in the trash can?! There is one outside; big metal box says waste receptacle on it… it won’t melt my eyebrows out there. Please for the love of all that is beautiful in this world throw it away outside. Better yet, why don’t you toss it at home? You chose to breed, YOU clean up the mess. I don’t get paid even close to enough to pick up after your evil smelling spawn.

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