Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Semester is over, I fail at writing everyday after yoga, but I made it most of the way!...ish. I am in love with yoga, I had so much fun with it! I am actually thinking that I am going to really miss a class after semester is over! I signed up for Yoga next semester as well in my attempt to be Zen-Jenn. The theories behind the movement and mindset are an amazing way to not only relax, but to live. I am still trying to live with a no harm attitude, however in practice, it is harder than one would think. You try working a holiday with 200 people all fed up with their families, stressed because they spent too much money and pissed at me for charging them for coffee. My mind comes up with many colorful things to tag others with. :) One of these days I will be a yoga instructor for my "fun" job. Granted that might not be until I am teaching geriatric yoga....Bending to touch your tits!

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